Tuesday, April 23, 2013

What you've missed

A heaping pile of...not much

I know I took a bit of a blogging break
I'm not sure that it's 100% over yet either
I've been in a bit of a funk lately
There's just been a lot going on
I know I keep this blog as an expressive outlet of sorts but I don't particularly feel like putting all of my woes out there for the interwebz to read.
I prefer to keep things around these parts light and fluffy
At least as much as possible.
Besides, I know that I have readers that I don't want knowing certain things.
Soooo, when I get into these types of situations it's better for me to just not blog.
So I've been in hiding

I'm still alive though.
I promise

In my absence Munchkin and I have attended multiple birthday parties and play dates
read: screaming children everywhere making me want to rip my hair out

Munchkin had an allergic reaction to a metric ass ton of ant bites.
The child decided that the middle of the ant pile was the best place to stand.
(i'm a bad blogger though and already deleted that picture)

I went on a best friend "date" with my bestie
There was a bachelorette party taking place next to us at the resturaunt
They were all WASTED
She decided that getting married hungover would be the most romantic thing she could ever do
Waking up hing over, feeling like ass, on her day off, and actually getting up out of bed to get poked and prodded and turned into a "real" girl all to stand in front of a bunch of people to say that she loves the guy.
That's true love
I told her that she should designate a splash zone
Like a seaworld
...only for vomit instead of water
So maybe I'm a little crass.
y'all love it

I had a small piece of my tooth break off
This resulted in my bank account being raped by the dentists office
Have I mentioned ever how much I hate dentists?
I loathe them.
They are painful
and expensive.
Nothing that hurts that much should cost as much as it does
ANNNND their ceiling was janky.
Stupid janky ceiling dentists office
I won't be going back there

I found this deformed phallic looking carrot

I helped a friend move into her second floor apartment.
Normally, no big deal
Only except I did it in the middle of a squat challenge
I'm pulling out 700 squats in a week
and I had stairs
My legs
They burn
Times woah

 Can they just fall off already?!

Oh, and I changed my background!
Whatcha think?
I love it!

That's all for today!
I'm going to try getting back into the swing of things around here

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Interwebz say whaaaaat?

I'm not really in much of a blogging mood today.
Wasn't yesterday either.
There's a lot going on around these parts.
My brain is at odds with itself again.
Though it's fairly typical for me, it's still profoundly annoying.


Here are some random internet finds for you.


Friday, April 5, 2013

I want...

If I lived in a world where I could be completely selfish, these are the things that I would want:

...to have quiet time
...to have alone time
...to be near pretty water
...to create
...to get a new tattoo
...to sleep uninterrupted for 12 hours
...to have a batman movie marathon
...to have a harry potter movie marathon
...to have a lord of the rings movie marathon
...to read
...to listen to constant music
...to get the snuggles with munchkin without the whining
...to create
...to not have to pay bills
...to get paid for waking up and/or being awesome

Ok, so I know the last two are pretty far fetched, but wouldn't that be splendid.
And I know I said create twice, but I really want to create something.

What would you want?

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Throwback Thursday

I don't really have anything to write about today.
Well, unless you want to hear me bitch and complain.
Which, for some reason, I doubt.

Soooo, I'm jumping on the throwback Thursday train
I had to sign into myspace for this shit.
Are you ready for this?

Hey look at that, it's me around 3 years old
No, not the one with the cowboy hat
The one in red.

We took a (my only) trip to Idaho to visit my Uncle and his family
They apparently like the cold
I don't really remember this trip but apparently my parents had fun
something about a snowmobile
it didn't end well.

I'm not at home so my access to old pictures is limited so we're going to skip over several years here and jump to Sophmore year of High School.
Ugh, High School

 Apparently I thought I was artistic or some shit
Hey, let's shove a fan in front of my face
That'll look cool right?
Now I've GOT to post it on Myspace!

I joined colorguard that year.
I loved colorguard.
Kinda miss it actually
Is it pathetic that I still sometimes check up on my school's guard on youtube?

I'm pretty sure that this was Jr. year
We sat in front of the flutes
A lot of us offered to hold the music for the flute players when it came to songs they didn't have memorized.
I was a good little guardie
This also had to be early on in the season because my hair isn't done, I don't have crazy makeup, and I'm wearing my choker.
OOOOOOORRRRRR If it was jr. year it may be when I hurt my back really bad and could barely walk.
No, I still performed that time because it was closer to UIL and I remember almost collapsing after the performance because i was in so much pain.
I think I may have cussed a person or 3.
It may have been the 1st game. I had mono during summer band so I may not have had clearance yet to perform.
They had to threaten to not let me perform all season if I kept showing up to summer band while I had mono.
I was pissed.
I was a captain. I needed to be there.
Or it could just be that we didn't have our uniforms in yet.

I was also in theater and the summer before my senior year we went to London with some other high school theater groups from around the states.
We hung out mostly with the kids from Georgia.
circa 2006
I thought I was "fat"
Thought I'd look cool posing here
Wearing my corset and London jacket that I had bought the day before at the flea market
Maaaan, they tried to screw us so bad
Then we started using British accents
The difference in prices was AMAZING
The picture is crappy and pixelated. booo
Oh well
I don't really know what was going on here other than we were on a bus,
I think this was the day we went out to Oxford.
Apparently I thought I belonged in the movie The Ring
well, so long as you ignore the fact that I was wearing white and pigtails
Oh to be 17 again.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

So What Wednesday

Linking up with Shannon once again

So What Wednesday


...It took me waaaay to long to figure out how everyone gets the picture collages.
How the hell did I not know it was an app
There's an app for everything

...I had the coolest conversation ever in the history of ever with my best friend yesterday

And this  is why we're best friends...
I told you we're awesome!
This is the same friend that I had my rat/otter/ohshititsagiantsnake adventure with.

...I don't really have an iphone and I just used an iphone text message generator thing.
I don't know how to take screenshots on my droid
I can apparently only do it on accident when I don't want to
This was a real conversation, I promise. And yes, she really is "best friend" in my phone

...If I can't figure out what to refer to my boyfriend as on this here blog of mine.
Boyfriend just doesn't sound right.
He's in my phone as Robert E. Lee
ya know, the confederate general
My mom calls him Cotton.
Hmmmm, decisions decisions

...I'm mentally drawing up a business proposal that I'll never give about how Wal*Mart should have bars in them.
I'd like to thank Sarah from Silly Incantations for this thought process. It's given me lots of laughs throughout the day

...Because of that I spent my lunch break browsing peopleofwalmart.com instead of doing my homework
Here's a few lovely images for you
 Ok, seriously? What the, who in the hell, wedding...walmart....huh?

 Oh chit! Someone call Billy Ray Cyrus, we've found where he can get his mullet back!

 "who wears short shorts"
Now all we need is for him to do the wiggle....'cuz he must work out

...That I don't know what to follow all of that up with.
Seriously, how can you top people of walmart...ever?
Simple, you can't.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I'm a slacker

Apparently I have something against Monday's now.
I must be subconsciously boycotting them.

Then again, who really does like Monday's after all?
Eff you Monday!


This weekend was pretty splendid
this seems to be more and more commonplace these days
But this was a 3 day weekend for me
That means it was extra splendid.

Munchkin and the bother were both out of school
Mom had to work though
So that means Sissy to the rescue!
Watched the rugrats at mom's house for the day and made these

FINALLY figured out how to make the damn side by side pictures.
Since I had the kids for the day, mom kept munchkin for the night.
That means that I headed out to the country again.
Got to see my boiyfriend and some other friends
had a few (or more) drinks
Watched food get cooked but somehow never saw that it was done.
Ate a few bites that were sitting out
By this point though I had drank enough to where I didn't even realize that I hadn't eaten
No biggie.

Only it wasn't tequila...it was Rum
I love Rum!
I should be a Pirate!
Arrrr Matey!

Ignore me. I've lost my mind.
Care to help me find it?
Didn't think so.

Once again....ANYWAYS

My boyfriend lost his phone somewhere between the property we were on and the neighbors property
I really need to talk to him about what to call him on here, this "my boyfriend" business just doesn't read right.
Brilliant, I know
He was actually pretty upset about it so I can't poke too much fun
What can I say, I like the guy a lottle
which is kind of like a little, only a lot

Stayed there since I had been drinking
Yay couch sleeping!
Woke up ass early after not going to bed until late as hell
I'm talking going to sleep around 4ish
Waking up at 5:30 because we were supposed to have breakfast down the road with another friend at 6
but Mr. I lost my phone said he wasn't going anywhere 'till he found it.
This means I got to sleep until the sun came up
This was sometime around 7 ish
Went out and I found his phone, face down in the grass not far from where he was going through the barb wire fence.

Then we headed down the road.
They have coffee there.
I don't function without coffee.
I feel like a zombie.
I barely even speak
which is very unusual for me

Hung out there for a few hours, played with the animals, ate breakfast, drank coffee, woke up
Standard stuff

Headed home (well, to mom's)
Watched the rugrats again while mom ran to the store for a few things
  Then took my happy self home

Sunday rolled around
Munchkin woke up before me and saw that the Easter bunny had come
She made sure to tell me that as soon as she woke me up.
So being the asshole loving parent that I am,
I made her lay down in bed for 30 more minutes before we went and dug around in it all
Cut me some slack people, she woke me up at 6:30 AM

It didn't take long before she realized that he had left eggs too.
So we did that and then went on with our normal Sunday morning routine
Then we went to the worst place on earth
also known as Wal*Mart
Headed back home and didn't leave!

We were supposed to go to mom's for lunch/dinner and another egg hunt
But that didn't happen. 
It was raining
And by the time it was all over and done with it was too close to bedtime on a school night.
I know, I know
I'm terrible
Who needs a schedule anyways.