Monday, June 3, 2013

Weekends say whaaaat?!

Sami's Shenanigans

I came back on a Friday and then POOF! Vanished for the weekend.
No worries, I'm not going anywhere. Y'all know I'm a Monday-Friday blogger. 
I need my weekends for things
Like sleep.

Not much happened this weekend. I decided that I wanted to relax this weekend.
Well....for the most part anyways.

Saturday consisted of the wretched dentists office, homework, and helping mom move.

Seriously, no love for those mother truckers.
I know somebody's gotta do it but that doesn't make me have to like you.

Remember a while back how I had a piece of my tooth come off and had to get a filling for it.
That somehow turned into multiple fillings?
Well, the important one...the one where the piece of tooth came off..
They screwed it up.
There was a gap in the filling and I had food get caught in that bitch every.fucking.time I ate.
Talk about annoying.

And I couldn't get back in until this weekend to get it fixed.
more numbing shit injected into my face.
I actually enjoy the after effects of this part.
I may or may not have slapped myself in the face repeatedly laughing like a crazy person because I couldn't feel it and thought it was hysterical.
Who would do something like that, right?
Crazy people.

Sunday was a sleep until 10 kinda day.
It was raining outside and munchkin actually let me sleep in.
It was glorious.

Did a bit of cleaning and some more homework and that was that.

Now it's Monday...again


  1. I completely LOL'ed at my desk about slapping your face... O m g! hahahha