Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Life according to a 4 year old

the moon is made of "green cheese" that makes it glow
helicopters have water skis on them to help them swim
People are able to live in China and work in Disneyworld. They travel back and forth by plane every day.
God is invisible and lives in our hearts (but she wants him to not be invisible because she wants to give him a hug)
Easter bunnies are like Santa in that they watch to see if you're good or bad.
Love means hugs and kisses 
You wear swim-soups in the pool
If it's raining you have to have an "underbrella"

Song lyrics and responses:

"dancing in the dark"
You can't dance in the dark mommy, that's silly. You can't see if it's dark.

"I'm pretty good at drinking beer"
hahaha, he's good at drinking root beer. I like root's a grown up drink. Can I have some root beer tonight?

That kid makes me laugh


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