Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Allergies can suck it

Ever feel like your nose is a faucet?
Like your head is going to explode from built up pressure?
Have you had so much fluid in your head that your ears pop every time you swallow?

Then you may want to tell mother nature to go eff herself.

I know all of the above are true for me.
My allergies are in full force right now and just a few days ago I felt like I couldn't breathe.
So now I'm on a benadryl and zertec regimen for the now
This of course means that at night, I'm passed the hell out

buuuttt that also means that in the morning I stay in a crazy benadyl haze.
Coffee doesn't even seem to make a difference.

Then again it probably doesn't help that last night's bed time was around 11 PM
Or that Munchkin woke me up at 2:45 this morning because she had an "accident"
Thank goodness for those goodnites bed pad things

I made her clean herself up and help change the sheets though.
I'm thinking that maybe if I make her help with the clean-up process that she'll realize how much more of a pain in the ass it is than just getting out of bed and going to the bathroom.

Now to wake the rest of the way up and go on about my day.

To much to do and not awake enough to care about more gifs or pictures or anything really.
Sorry...kind of.

Happy Tuesday :)

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