Tuesday, April 23, 2013

What you've missed

A heaping pile of...not much

I know I took a bit of a blogging break
I'm not sure that it's 100% over yet either
I've been in a bit of a funk lately
There's just been a lot going on
I know I keep this blog as an expressive outlet of sorts but I don't particularly feel like putting all of my woes out there for the interwebz to read.
I prefer to keep things around these parts light and fluffy
At least as much as possible.
Besides, I know that I have readers that I don't want knowing certain things.
Soooo, when I get into these types of situations it's better for me to just not blog.
So I've been in hiding

I'm still alive though.
I promise

In my absence Munchkin and I have attended multiple birthday parties and play dates
read: screaming children everywhere making me want to rip my hair out

Munchkin had an allergic reaction to a metric ass ton of ant bites.
The child decided that the middle of the ant pile was the best place to stand.
(i'm a bad blogger though and already deleted that picture)

I went on a best friend "date" with my bestie
There was a bachelorette party taking place next to us at the resturaunt
They were all WASTED
She decided that getting married hungover would be the most romantic thing she could ever do
Waking up hing over, feeling like ass, on her day off, and actually getting up out of bed to get poked and prodded and turned into a "real" girl all to stand in front of a bunch of people to say that she loves the guy.
That's true love
I told her that she should designate a splash zone
Like a seaworld
...only for vomit instead of water
So maybe I'm a little crass.
y'all love it

I had a small piece of my tooth break off
This resulted in my bank account being raped by the dentists office
Have I mentioned ever how much I hate dentists?
I loathe them.
They are painful
and expensive.
Nothing that hurts that much should cost as much as it does
ANNNND their ceiling was janky.
Stupid janky ceiling dentists office
I won't be going back there

I found this deformed phallic looking carrot

I helped a friend move into her second floor apartment.
Normally, no big deal
Only except I did it in the middle of a squat challenge
I'm pulling out 700 squats in a week
and I had stairs
My legs
They burn
Times woah

 Can they just fall off already?!

Oh, and I changed my background!
Whatcha think?
I love it!

That's all for today!
I'm going to try getting back into the swing of things around here

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  1. I feel the same thing , i want to vent but then i have people who read and I dont want them knowing specificly whats going on!!