Thursday, April 4, 2013

Throwback Thursday

I don't really have anything to write about today.
Well, unless you want to hear me bitch and complain.
Which, for some reason, I doubt.

Soooo, I'm jumping on the throwback Thursday train
I had to sign into myspace for this shit.
Are you ready for this?

Hey look at that, it's me around 3 years old
No, not the one with the cowboy hat
The one in red.

We took a (my only) trip to Idaho to visit my Uncle and his family
They apparently like the cold
I don't really remember this trip but apparently my parents had fun
something about a snowmobile
it didn't end well.

I'm not at home so my access to old pictures is limited so we're going to skip over several years here and jump to Sophmore year of High School.
Ugh, High School

 Apparently I thought I was artistic or some shit
Hey, let's shove a fan in front of my face
That'll look cool right?
Now I've GOT to post it on Myspace!

I joined colorguard that year.
I loved colorguard.
Kinda miss it actually
Is it pathetic that I still sometimes check up on my school's guard on youtube?

I'm pretty sure that this was Jr. year
We sat in front of the flutes
A lot of us offered to hold the music for the flute players when it came to songs they didn't have memorized.
I was a good little guardie
This also had to be early on in the season because my hair isn't done, I don't have crazy makeup, and I'm wearing my choker.
OOOOOOORRRRRR If it was jr. year it may be when I hurt my back really bad and could barely walk.
No, I still performed that time because it was closer to UIL and I remember almost collapsing after the performance because i was in so much pain.
I think I may have cussed a person or 3.
It may have been the 1st game. I had mono during summer band so I may not have had clearance yet to perform.
They had to threaten to not let me perform all season if I kept showing up to summer band while I had mono.
I was pissed.
I was a captain. I needed to be there.
Or it could just be that we didn't have our uniforms in yet.

I was also in theater and the summer before my senior year we went to London with some other high school theater groups from around the states.
We hung out mostly with the kids from Georgia.
circa 2006
I thought I was "fat"
Thought I'd look cool posing here
Wearing my corset and London jacket that I had bought the day before at the flea market
Maaaan, they tried to screw us so bad
Then we started using British accents
The difference in prices was AMAZING
The picture is crappy and pixelated. booo
Oh well
I don't really know what was going on here other than we were on a bus,
I think this was the day we went out to Oxford.
Apparently I thought I belonged in the movie The Ring
well, so long as you ignore the fact that I was wearing white and pigtails
Oh to be 17 again.

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