Wednesday, April 3, 2013

So What Wednesday

Linking up with Shannon once again

So What Wednesday


...It took me waaaay to long to figure out how everyone gets the picture collages.
How the hell did I not know it was an app
There's an app for everything

...I had the coolest conversation ever in the history of ever with my best friend yesterday

And this  is why we're best friends...
I told you we're awesome!
This is the same friend that I had my rat/otter/ohshititsagiantsnake adventure with.

...I don't really have an iphone and I just used an iphone text message generator thing.
I don't know how to take screenshots on my droid
I can apparently only do it on accident when I don't want to
This was a real conversation, I promise. And yes, she really is "best friend" in my phone

...If I can't figure out what to refer to my boyfriend as on this here blog of mine.
Boyfriend just doesn't sound right.
He's in my phone as Robert E. Lee
ya know, the confederate general
My mom calls him Cotton.
Hmmmm, decisions decisions

...I'm mentally drawing up a business proposal that I'll never give about how Wal*Mart should have bars in them.
I'd like to thank Sarah from Silly Incantations for this thought process. It's given me lots of laughs throughout the day

...Because of that I spent my lunch break browsing instead of doing my homework
Here's a few lovely images for you
 Ok, seriously? What the, who in the hell,

 Oh chit! Someone call Billy Ray Cyrus, we've found where he can get his mullet back!

 "who wears short shorts"
Now all we need is for him to do the wiggle....'cuz he must work out

...That I don't know what to follow all of that up with.
Seriously, how can you top people of walmart...ever?
Simple, you can't.

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