Wednesday, March 13, 2013


So What Wednesday

Linking up (again...I may have a problem) with Shannon!


-If I've participated in a link-up every day this week
I still talk about normal crap, I just happen to link to other pages when I do it. Got a problem with it?

-My brain is already in Friday mode
I don't know about all of you but this time change is still jacking with me and I'm just ready for the weekend already.

-I'm indecisive
Seriously though

-I have my shoes off 85% of the time at work.
I'm at my desk, no one can see....besides...I hate shoes
I take that back. I LOVE shoes...I just prefer not having them on

-I'm able to attach a song to almost everything that happens in life
I love music. It happens. 

-I sing loud and off key to almost every song that comes on the radio
It could be worse. I promise. I could dance like a moron too...wait....nevermind, I do that too

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