Monday, March 11, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans


Linking up with Sami for Weekend Shenanigans!

I love this linkup; I get to talk about the weekend like I would have anyways...but I get to link up and do it which makes it infinitely better.

This weekend was busy, busy, busy.
Well, not really busy I guess, but I wasn't at all.

Friday night munchkin and I just hung out and ended up going to bed early because I'm lame and was exhausted.
In all fairness, she was tired too.
But I sure felt old going to bed at 9:00

Woke up Saturday and had my coffee
because in case you didn't know, I don't function without 

Took the rugrat to go see her dad since he's in town.
Then, I was supposed to go use these

Buuuuuut, I ended up out in another city instead.
I had my GPS on my phone to get me there but I was told once I got into town, to call and I would be given directions.

They went something like this.

Turn at the walgreens, then go down over the railroad tracks then turn. Then go down about 5 miles and turn then go up and turn again. There's a yellow house there so you can't miss it. Then you go here and turn there and go down and turn again then I'll be out by the road lookin' for ya.

His directions didn't get so memory did.

Somewhere in there I stopped him and said, "you do realize that you're giving directions to a woman right? and a blonde one at that".

Yup, glad I had my GPS.

I mean, his directions were good ones...
There was just no way in hell my brain was going to retain it all when he was rattling it off so fast.

I made it there in one piece though
Yay me!

Hung out, talked, played with the kids, went down to feed the horses (well, they fed them, I just stood there and watched them eat until I decided to pet one of them. But I waited until she had eaten a good bit first), more bullshitting, drinking, the men cooked, I  watched, more bullshitting and playing with kids, ate the awesome food then drove home.

Woohoo! Awesome Saturday.

Sunday was another whirwind.

Went to meet up with rugrat's dad again.

Then headed out to see my dad.
Visited for a while, took him to run some errands
Went home
then went out to eat.
Got this fortune in my cookie

Sheesh, I'm glad it's all over.

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