Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Neon Splash Dash/Weekend Recap

Looks like another week where I miss Monday

I don't know what the deal has been lately but I just haven't had the gumption to blog
School has been kicking me in the ass

This weekend was full of some much needed fun times though

Friday night I went to packet pick up for the Neon Splash Dash
The line was INSANE
I was standing in a line that wrapped around the entire store TWICE
for almost 2 hours.
Call me crazy but that's nuts.

Then I ended up going and seeing this awesome lady

She may or may not have had a few drinks too many
Also got to spend some time with my boyfriend
did she just say that?
Yes, yes I did.
He's been around for a while but I've been keeping him a secret
Looks like the cat's out of the bag now though

Spent the day Saturday with the rugrat
Then went to pick up the best friend from work
annnnd then the blonde struck.
I managed to lock my keys in the trunk of my car
What is it with me and my keys lately?
Are you freaking kidding me?!
 Thankfully I had a spare at home and was able to get a ride there and have my gma let me in so that I could get it.

Once we got into the car, we ran to target for a couple of last minute things

Best friend and I got blinky ring married
 Pay no mind to the sausage fingers

Then we realized that Texas doesn't allow same sex marriage
and that we both like penis too much to partake in a same sex marriage
It was around this time that we realized our "marriage" was a sham
And no, the blinky rings had nothing to do with that realization

then headed to the race

We got there about an hour(ish) early and saw this 

There were so many more people by the end of the night than just that.
It was crazy town

Then we waited somewhere between 45 minutes to an hour in the beer line
for a $7.75 beer
what the actual fuck?

Here are some things we saw while in line

If you look closely, that green thing...yup, that's a kid on a glow in the dark leash

I liked their hats...but the picture is pretty crappy.

More random people.

 Oh Chit! That's the start.

We still had our beers in hand.
We weren't about to throw that expensive shit away.

I knew that I would be walking the vast majority of the 5K because my knee had been bothering me quite a bit
So we walked through the start with our beer in our hands.

Public Service Announcement:

If you've a bum knee, do NOT walk a 5k
also, do NOT think that it is ok to dance around like a retard.
you WILL end up coming down on your bad knee the wrong way and almost falling in pain.
And even if hammer time is on while you're running through the glow station
Do NOT try to do the hammer dance.
The glow water spray people WILL spray you straight in the face for being a retard
and that shit WILL get in your mouth.
And it doesn't taste so good.

So, I walk/hobbled through the 5K and the four glow stations
and yes people, that is where the term wobble came from
not this dance

Wobbling is trying to walk while injured
walk/hobble = wobble

ANYWAYS, I digress

This was me before I left my house to head to the race

This was me after wobbling through it

That's without the blacklight
It was the shiznit yo!

Public Service Announcement No: 2:

If your knee is killing you and you want to chew your leg off
do NOT, under any circumstances
No matter how much you'll be upset with yourself if you don't
RUN the last bit of the course so that you can run through the finish

You WILL regret this decision
and your knee WILL hurt for days

I currently want to saw it off with a dull butter knife.

You should check out the picutres from the Neon Splash Dash FACEBOOK to see more of the race
They took better pictures than I did
I didn't want my phone to get wet/ruined
That link will take you straight to the Houston race photos

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