Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Just because - I love to bake

 For those of you that have been around since Christmas time, you've come to realize that I triple super duper uber pink fluffy heart - love to bake.

I'm headed to a crawfish boil this weekend and since they will be feeding me, I offered to bring dessert(s).

I asked if anyone had any particular requests.
I got several.

Most people would probably choose one.
Me...not so much

I'm making all three requests AND brownies! 

Soooo, I'll be making my cheesecake 
(which is fan-fucking-tabulous if I do say so myself)


Rice Krispie Treats


Key Lime Pie

Only here's the dilemma. I'm not really a big Key Lime Pie fan so I'm having a hard time sorting through the metric ass ton of recipes online.

Anyone have a good recipe for it?
As in a go-to favorite that you make every time?
One that everyone just flips their lid over?


  1. I LOVE key lime pie. But honestly have never maid it. The best one ever was from a restaurant in Myrtle Beach SC, called Drunken Jacks

  2. I LOVE key lime pie! Sadly, I don't have any recipes. thanks for linking up!