Thursday, March 28, 2013

It's Ok...

Its Ok Thursdays

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IT'S OK....

-That I still haven't made the switch to bloglovin
Remember what I said about being a procrastinator

-That I made a fort in the middle of the living room for munchkin to watch Hop in...on a school night
We're excited about Easter
I'll have pictures another day

-That since watching Hop, the Easter Bunny has been visiting our house
I know this because he's been leaving behind a trail of jellybean bunny poop later

-That I told the munchkin that it was because he was scoping out places to put the Easter eggs come Sunday morning
That little bunny has a lot of ground to cover.
It pays to be prepared

-That I didn't think to use the whole "he's making sure you're being good" line
But munchkin sure thought of it.
Who knew that the Easter bunny could have the same effect as Santa

-That I'm supposed to work tomorrow but have off anyways
Thank you daycare for being closed

Happy Dance

 -That it's now time for me to promote a friend of mine.
I've got this friend who recently lost her job. She's a single mother and has been looking for a new one, but just can't seem to get one.
The job market sucks yo.
So in an attempt to make ends meet, she set it up so that she can sell Avon.
Today is her first day
I don't know if you wear make-up or not
I know I don't
but they sell more than just makeup.

You can get to her Avon website HERE

Here are the things that I ordered:

 Because the only thing I do really wear is eyeshadow and who doesn't need a good eyeshadow brush
This came in at a whole $2.99

 I ordered this eyeshadow pencil thing in blue.
I love, love, love bright vibrant eyeshadow

 There was a buy 2 Clearskin products for $7.99
So I bought 2.
The facewash blemish clearing stuff
and the 'let's pop your face' thing
I can't be the only one with the weird obsession with popping zits and blackheads and such.
 This set will be perfect on a "me" night.
I try to have at least one a month.
The whole set was $9.99
 Because as you can see, I'm not pale...I'm translucent
It's like the Jergens tanning lotion stuff
Just a different brand
I figured what could it hurt
 This is some sort of "wake up" stick
Or at least it's supposed to make you look like you're awake
It claims to make your eyes less puffy and look like you've gotten enough sleep
Well, since I usually only catch a few hours of Z's 
What could it hurt?

Plus it helps out my friend.
They have stuff for kids too
Please, if you could go check out her website
If your order is $30 or more you get free shipping straight to your house.

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