Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Day late and a dollar short

Actually, for once I'm not a dollar short.

I know I didn't post yesterday, don't everybody freak out at once.
I was busy.
Who am I kidding, I wasn't busy...I just didn't do it.
Everyone has those days.

This weekend was AMAZING
but it was busy as hell
but it's all good.

Drove to see a friend for dinner friday night since I would be missing her baby shower on Saturday.
Took the munchkin along
We were sword fighting with lemon peels shoved into straws.
The goal was to get a lemon peel up someone's nose.
There were no casualties.

Saturday morning I woke up hella early to make a cheesecake and rice krispie treats
that was fun.
Minimal sleep, lots of coffee, and baking
What could possibly go wrong.

Got the rugrat ready to see her gma
got myself ready for my cousin's wedding
mind you this is a cousin that I haven't seen since I was THREE
 ..for those of you that are counting, that's 21 years ago.
But I haaaad to go to her wedding.

I went to tell her congratulations
She looked at me like I was some crazy lunatic
if only she knew
then my grandma had to introduce me to her mother
what is she called if she's not married to my uncle anymore
aunt once removed? 
I'm no good at this crap
Then SHE had to introduce me to my cousin
"Bride, this is your cousin"
"yeah, I know....rrrr.....Rebecca, right?"

are you freaking kidding me?
There was more, but it would require backstory that I'm not in the mood to give.
I left shortly after.
It was just waaaay to awkward for me.
Headed home to change clothes, grab the desserts, and head out of town to the crawfish boil
It was awesome.
The crawfish were great too.
I love going out there.
It's just so peaceful.
I'm sick of the big city.
I've lived here all my life and I'm sick of it.
It's just too much
I like quiet and peaceful not constantly moving and hectic

But I digress
Ate crawfish
Drank vodka
Got drunker than I let on
Laughed a lot
It was a great time.

Hopefully I'll have some big news to share with you all soon. :)

I think I need to jump on the blogloving train soon since there's this whole google thing getting rid of their whatever thing.

I don't keep up with the times

OH!!! And go check out my friendy friend Lauren.
She's the COOLEST

She just started her blog recently and is trying to get into the swing of things
Show her some love over on her blog The Silent T's
ya know, like crochet, merlot, cabernet
the T is silent.
Yup, I told you she rocks the Casbah

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