Thursday, March 7, 2013

A giant pile of POO

Thankfully today we're talking about the metaphorical poo.
Not actual poo.
That would be gross.
Not to say it couldn't happen...this is me.
BUT not today.

So then what's a big pile of poo?

My Morning.

Lets have story time.
Come one, everyone gather round in a circle.

Picture it:

Woke up late (as usual)
Force the munching out of bed
Make her get herself ready
Throw yourself together
(thankfully I had gotten my stuff ready last night)

Ok. It's time to leave.

Hands full
Crying 4 year old
Shoving her out the door
Lock said door
Get to the car to start setting everything down.


My keys were still in the house.

You've GOT to be fucking kidding me!!
This is crap.

So what do I do?
What any self respecting 24 year old single mother would.
I called my mommie.

"Mooooomiee, I'm an idiot"
"What'd you do this time?"
I told her
"Really Rebecca?"
-exasperated sigh-
(I may have probably, most likely paraphrased that...a lot)

Soooooo, My stepdad ended up coming over and breaking a window and will be replacing it for me today.

Oh and get this.
While we were waiting on my stepdad, my across the street neighbor starts his truck to leave.

The munchkin pipes up with the quote of all quotes.
"He's leaving because he didn't leave his keys in the house."
yes...she emphasized those bolded words.

I love her..but seriously?
If she was older...and not my kid..
Sheesh. She oughta be glad she's cute.
 Way to rub it in ya little shit.
 Disclaimer: I did not hit my kid...I just looked at her like she had lost her damn mind...because obviously she had.

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