Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Rodeo Roundup

 It's Rodeo time!!!!!

Opening night is next Monday.
That means that this Friday is Go Texan Day.
And that today is the Rodeo Roundup!

What the hell is this crazy lady talking about?

Well, it's just a bunch of vendors getting together for a good time to get everyone excited about the Rodeo...DUH
We saw things like this

In case you couldn't tell, he's wearing a saddle
Who doesn't love cotton candy and hot dogs?

Yup, the chick fil a cows were line dancing!
Then there were the booths.
They were handing out free stuff
Including free food.

I don't know about you, but free is my favorite price

Got a bunch of stuff from the radio disney tent for the rugrat.
She's going to flip out when we get home tonight.

Stopped by one of the country music radio stations and asked them why they changed their name recently.
My curiosity earned me these

That's right. Admission into their tent at the cookoff.
The day after my birthday!
Hells to the yes!!!
It's going down!

Then we kept meandering and stumbled upon the Cricket Wireless booth
They were giving out these awesome green hats

Well, me being me..I was REALLY excited about these hats
I mean, I even screamed in excitement.
No joke.
But guess what...My awesomeness paid off and landed myself and my friends these

Those are day passes to the rodeo grounds and tickets to a private concert with Jerrod Niemann.
Ummm heck yes!
In case you didn't know...it's this guy.

The Band Perry plays that night too.
Thinking about buying tickets for that and just making a day of it.
 Needless to say, I'm friggin STOKED!

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