Monday, February 4, 2013

Motivational Monday

Motivational Monday....more like I'm too tired for much else Monday.

Buuuuut, for once I'm actually glad that it's Monday.

I love my kid, but these past few germ filled days she has been so far up my ass that I've been afraid that she'd come out my nose if I sneezed.

I love that she wants to be all cuddly and loving and such, but when she tries to kiss me on the  mouth all bets are off. Keep those germs away from me kiddo!

Poor thing has been super pitiful.
But back to daycare she goes.

Now I have the runny nose, the sneeze fits, and the cough that sounds like it should be coming from a 70 year old man that has been smoking a pack a day for the past 60 years.

So, I may be glad it's Monday, but my ass is still half asleep.

Onto the motivational crap!
(because it's easier than writing up a long post recapping the weekend)

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