Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy hearts, flowers, and bullshit day

Some days I swear I should've been born a man.
Valentines Day is one of those days.

I'm just not a big fan of it. Never have been really.
Except for maybe as a kid when we still had valentines day parties at school and got lots of candy and were able to act an ass and be justified in doing so because we could blame it on the sugar high.
No? Just me? Figures.

I mean, it's ok I guess, I just don't buy into it.
Even when I've been in relationships on Valentines day, I've asked whoever I've been with not to make a big deal out of it.

To me it's just another day.
I actually prefer steak and blow job day.
No fake bullshit, no crazy marketing, no required emotional attachments.
(I told you, I should've been born a man)

Speaking of Steak and Blow Job day...go buy one of these and save it for next month! It's perfect!

Why do women not think of this?
You can thank me later.

Back on topic

I'm sorry but there's nothing romantic about doing something "thoughtful" on a day where it's expected. You want to show me thoughtful, do something on a random Tuesday as a "just because it's Tuesday" sweet gesture.
That's sweet.

Spending too much money on marked up flowers and candy is not.
And it's predictable.

These are def. not predictable...and quite funny actually
Hell, if you are hell bent on doing something for me, do it on the 15th. 
A) it's payday
b) everything is on sale!

Or just wait until March 14th and have mutual steak and blow job day. 
I mean seriously. Steak and sexy times.
Soooo much better than some bullshit ass flowers and chocolates. 

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