Friday, February 8, 2013

Fitness Friday


What, what?! Linking up with Desirae AGAIN?! Hells to the yes! I told you folks, she's the coolest of the cool. I mean seriously, who wouldn't want to be friends with her.

So this week I have more of a substantial input than the past two weeks. I've been in a bit of a fitness rut but I'm pulling my ass out of it!

I've been doing this loverly challenge :)

Did day 1 and then forgot about it on days on the 5th I made up for it.
Also, since this is designed for a leap year I revamped it. I'm having my rest days on the (2nd, 3rd, and 4th obviously) and then on the 24th and the 28th.

I also found this little video on Monday and thought I'd try it.

For a 10 minute thing, it wasn't too shabby. Got my heart rate up and got all of sqishyness to jiggling. You should give it a try.
Did it on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday in addition to the fab ab challenge.

Ran my second 5 by the 5th 5K on Tuesday.
(which also made my 2nd of 13)

Debating on running the Tackle the Miles (5K) tonight (if I don't hack up my lungs before then) for #3 of 13.

I think next week I'm going to try out one or more of these.

I figure, since I'm already working on my core with the Fab Ab Challenge, I need to also alternate legs and arms. Who wants to try these with me?

Thoughts on running while sick? Well...almost sick at least. Beginning stages.
I want to run, but I don't want to feel like I'm dying.

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  1. I want to start running!! I can never breathe tho!lol

  2. Sometimes if I feel a cold coming on a run will really help clear everything up but I think they say if you feel it in your head (like a stuffy nose) than its okay to go run but if its in your chest you're not supposed to.