Friday, February 15, 2013

Fitness Friday


Once again, I'm linking us with the great Desirae for fitness Friday.

She's been spreading the word about Congenial Heart Defects this week by sharing her story and stories of other "heart moms" like her to raise awareness. 
You should go check these stories out...just be sure you have a box of Kleenex handy. She's had me crying all week.

Back to fitness

I did that 10 minute video thing that I posted last Friday again on Monday.

I went on an adventure instead of a run on Tuesday. I mean, we still got almost 2 miles in.
Buuuut it wasn't the best of runs. or walks even.

Since I felt that we could've done better, when I got home I decided to make a date with that damn Jillian Micheals. 

I hate her.
I love her.
I want to punch her face in.
She gets results.
Damn her.

I've had nightly dates with her since.
"just a couple more" never really means just a couple more.
"A couple" is 2.
In her world, it apparently means 6-7

I've also been keeping up with Fab Ab February 

I didn't end up trying any of those other pinterest workouts that I posted last Friday since I've been having an affair with Jillian.

I should probably start doing those too.
Sheesh, I just want to sleep.

Happy Friday people!

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  1. Great post! I am wishing I did fab-ab february. And Jillian is a total beyotch!! We have a love hate relationship, too ;)