Friday, February 1, 2013

Fitness Friday

Who has two thumbs and is co-hosting Fitness Friday with Desirae?

This girl right here!!

That's my excited face, I swear. Actually, I'm super duper uber excited to be co-hosting with Desirae. She's the coolest of the cool. As in, if we were still in elementary school, she'd be the girl on the playground that everyone would flock to.
Also, excuse the's been a rough week.

Sooo, this week's fitness.
Last week's wasn't so great and this week's wasn't much better.

Well, you can read about my "almost" 5K last Friday where I rolled my ankle instead of being awesome and getting it done here.

Saturday I finished putting together that stupid dresser for H's room. Moved two pieces of furniture out of her room into the garage, and then that new asshole dresser into her room.

 Not Technically fitness...but I was moving and such. All of that shit was HEAVY. and I was doing it by my friggin self. (because apparently I thought that I didn't need my back anyways)

If getting pissed off at furniture burned calories I woulda lost about 10 pounds Saturday alone.

Sunday wasn't much either. Chased the kids around (yes, kids plural...I was watching my brother) a bit and danced with them in the living room.

THEN...the rugrat got sick.

Strep Throat.

Streptococcus...that's a funny word. Strep-to-coccus. Heh. I think it's the coccus part that gets me.

This week's fitness has consisted of bench pressing boxes of kleenex

Playing dodgeball with snot rockets

Yup...I just went there. You're welcome.

Midnight sprints into H's room when she's crying because she can't breathe

Calf Raises to reach the stuffed animals on the high shelf that she just has to have

Immediately followed by lunges to give them to her

I've also done special thumb exercises by pushing the plunger on her medicine thingy (such technical terms...I know) and pushing the button on the thermometer.

It may not be "real" fitness...but if you've got kids, you know that having a sick one is a workout in and of itself.

And now for some Fit-peration from the Fitness Friday founder Desirae

have you challenged yourself this week?

Source: via Desirae on Pinterest
punch this WEEK in the face... set your goals and reach them! 

Source: via Desirae on Pinterest

Are you a plank-er? I love doing planks, they definitely challenge you!

I challenge YOU! Can you challenge yourself to do this daily workout? Lets do it and report back next week with results! 

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