Monday, February 11, 2013

Early Birthday Presents and Pinned it and did it

This weekend consisted mostly of sleep to get rid of whatever bug I've had. Thankfully it did the trick.

I still somehow managed to get a few things done around the house though despite my copious amounts of sleep but we'll get to that in a few minutes. 

My birthday is coming up and my mom is the coolest mom around. 

No joke.

She gave me my birthday present early and I about flipped my lid. For those of you that have been around a while, you know that I'm a baseball fan. Astros fan.

She got me custom made Astros heels from From The Sole Shoes
You can also check her out on facebook here

Her picture looks fancier than mine so I have to put both.
The picture I took once I finally took them off of my feet

Aren't they AMAZING?!
Talk about excited. I'm wearing them today at work :)
Going to be putting them on display though because I'm terrified I'll mess them up.

She is crazy talented and you should really go look at her website and facebook!


I did some around the house stuff like clean out the gutters, organize the garage (some), etc.

I'm sure you're wondering how the pinned it and did it comes into play...well, here it is.

I also made my own laundry detergent.

The pin originated from this lovely blog and I knew I had to give it a shot.

What you need

1 (4 lb 12 oz) Box of Borax- Found in the detergent aisle
1 (3 lb 7 oz) Box of Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda- Found in the detergent aisle
1 (3 lb) Container of OxyClean- Found in the detergent aisle. (This is optional but I highly recommend adding it)
2 (14.1 oz) Bars of Zote Soap- Found in the detergent aisle (you can use the pink for the scent but the white would be just fine. You can also use Fels Naptha)
1 (4 lb) Box of Arm & Hammer Baking Soda- Found next to the borax in the laundry stuffs. OR you can find it with the baking stuffs too.
1-2 (55 oz) Bottle of Purex Crystals Fabric Softener- Found in the detergent aisle (This is 100% optional.)

All of this will only cost you about $30. Seriously. before taxes (I bought some other stuff too) it was $29.29
Can't beat it.

The first thing I did was shred the Zote soap. I have a food processor so I used it instead of a cheese grater.

My only suggestion here is if you use a food processor, run it all through twice to make sure that it is shredded really fine. I didn't and wish I would have.

Then I just mixed it all together in a big container.

I did a little at a time to make it easier to mix it all rather than just dumping everything in at once.

Then I used some newspaper as a makeshift funnel and put some into the container that the Purex crystals came in.

I had a bit of a hard time pouring it out of the spout (hence wishing I would've shredded the zote finer) so I took it off and am just using the little measuring cup lid thing.

The best part about this stuff is you only need 1-2 Tablespoons per load. (the middle line on the lid thing)

It actually works! I was skeptical, but it does. My clothes are clean and they smell good.

Seriously, I washed a load of towels that had been forgotten about in the washer for a day or three (they were pretty rank) and after one wash, they smelled awesome again! It was amazing.

I would highly recommend this pin.

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