Friday, February 22, 2013

Birfdizzle and such

I know I've been missing for a couple of days.
Oh the shame!

Who am I kidding?

I've been too busy doing...things
Cool kid things
..Like...Being a cool kid?
Something like that.

Wednesday was mah birfdizzle. What, what?!


Only except not so much.

Instead I stayed home with a (once again) sick munchkin.
She just can't seem to get over this crud.
I think she's better and then BAM, not so much anymore.

So it was just a quiet day at home with her.
Well...I say quiet.
She was cranky and fussy becuase she didn't feel well
So there was that.
But sans that, all was well in the world.

Then there was yesterday.
I was back at work
She was at home with my gma
She  felt better and could've gone to daycare but the weather was gross.
So...she stayed home.

Left work and got to go use these

Hello cookoff.
Hello tent passes that mean free food and free beer
I think I like you.

I think I liked a lot of things about last night.
Buuut, different story for a different time.

Walked around for a bit first.
Saw this BBQ pit

 Yes, it's a pit. I promise.

Had a 4 fucking dollar beer bought for me.
Seriously. $4...for one can of beer.
Talk about bending over and taking one for the team.
Fuck me running sideways.

Walked to the Bull Tent to use our passes
Ate some BBQ
Danced to some music
People watched
Made fun of people.
It was fucking awesome. 
Here's the stuff I ended up with :)

A bandana, a flashing star thing, a bracelet, and a ticket to another tent

I'm one of those people that spends more time actually in the moment than behind a camera which probably makes me a bad blogger


Then my partner in crime for the evening got us tickets into another tent
Sometimes it's good to know people.

More drinking
Met up with my good friend Jack...ya know...Daniels
More dancing
More people watching.

Check out this vest.


Yup...that happened.
Amongst other things.

Getting back to the car was interesting at best.
We raced people we didn't know.
Gave a beer to a homeless man.
 got into screaming matches with strangers
(jokingly of course...and that was more him than me)

It was a great night
Great company
Interesting revelations
I enjoyed myself immensely

Quote of the night
"A drunk mind speaks a sober heart"

I'm on top of the world right now and nothing can bring me down.
Bring it Friday!

Now I'll just leave you with this


  1. Sounds like immense fun lol yelling matches are always fun. love the blog

  2. Happy belated Birthday!! Sounds like it rocked :)