Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Adventure Time

And no, not this dumb cartoon.


Sorry if you like it, but I'm not a fan.
Actually..I take that back, I'm not really sorry...I just said it 'cuz my momma taught me to be polite.


Words to live by I tell you, words to live by.

Anyways! Back to my adventure

Went running last night with the best friend. And by running I mean brisk walking.
(Such an adventure, I know)
The place where we run has this man made lake/pond type thing and we always run on the sidewalks around it etc. because we're badasses like that.

(or anywhere really)

Once we're near the back of said lake/pond type thing we notice two BIG ass things swimming in the water. 

Well, we're much better adventurers than we are exercisers so of course we knew that we had a mission.

We headed down to the water to get a closer look at what the hell these things could be. The conversation went something like this...not exact quotes and much more condensed..but you get the idea.
(Me in red Best friend in purple)

What is it?
I don't know but it's big! Look at the wake it's leaving behind it.
Aww, look the two are going to meet up and kiss.
It's probably a snake
It looks like an otter
That doesn't make sense. Otter's don't live out here.
Well, it should be an otter
It's not.
It could be a giant rat.
Could be.
I wonder if we can get it to come closer
cue idiotic whistles and talking to this...thing that is now completely 100% still in the water and staring at us.
It's staring at us
Why won't it come closer. I want it to be an otter
Maybe I can get it to come here by throwing this corn at it 
(corn was already on the ground...I don't carry corn in my pocket)
Why won't it come closer?
I don't know but it needs to 
(I don't remember who said that..I think it was both of us)

so we took the fuck off up the hill and away from the giant snake of death.

Then best friend decides that she wants to go do more investigations. I stayed put.
...until she started talking to me.
I couldn't hear her so I went back down.

Turns out the GIANT fucking snake had swam over right by where we had been standing and was swimming up and down the wall
I swear to you, that fucker was pissed that I was trowing corn at it and wanted to eat my face off.

Then we realized that we couldn't see it anymore.

Yup, we took the fuck off again and hauled it back up the hill once more.

We headed to the car and called best friend's dad to see if he knew what type of snake it could've been that would've been that friggin huge and if it could/would swim with only part of it's body on top of the water etc. etc. etc. 

He's convinced that it was a cottonmouth.
Yup, we almost died.
Not really...but holy shit turds

And we decided that we still got our exercise in. I mean, we walked down a hill (twice), did squats, AND uphill sprints.

That counts right?

It was fun! and that's all that matters in my book.

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