Thursday, February 28, 2013

It's ok Thursday

Linking up with Amber today for It's OK Thursday

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK...

-That I didn't know what to write about today

-That I usually find linkups when I have bloggers block
it's like writers block, only for the blog

-That I'm SUPER excited to get to participate in a give away (hopefully next week)

-That I've got a lot of ideas for giveaways for this little blog but want to get 50 followers for my first one

-That I've had a button up and keep forgetting to tell you all about it
you've got eyes though right? Thought so

-That I spent way longer than I probably should have making that damn button
There were just so many options

-That I've been eating cookies since Hailey and I made them
In my defense, they're amazing
-That I want to curl back up in bed right now
Bad dreams are stupid

-That once again I have an "it's ok" post with no pictures or gifs.
i guess today is a fail

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

So What Wednesday

Linking up today with Shannon from Life After I "Dew" for So What Wednesday

So What Wednesday

 So what if:

-I didn't have a post yesterday
I had real work to do people. And a book to read. And a paper to finish. And a book to read, did I mention that part?

- I haven't run in almost two weeks
this is actually terrible. I have a race in a month...what am I doing?

-I submitted my paper two days late

-I did a little happy dance when I found out one of my friends finally broke up with her bf
It was a toxic relationship. As in, Chris Brown and Rhianna toxic. Don't judge me.

-Hailey was wearing her snowman apron while we were baking cookies
Who cares that Christmas has been over for months. We still talk about how Santa's watching everything.

Welp, that's all for today folks.
Off to read more blogs, and another book (yes I read an entire book yesterday, don't judge me), and maybe even get some real work done today.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Motivation Monday

There wasn't too much to this weekend

Frozen mimosa's with a buddy Sat. morning while we discussed some things
Important things
Things that cannot be discussed as of yet.
I don't want to jinx anything.

Besides...If I told you, I'd have to kill you.

Only not really, but I can pretend that my life is that interesting.

Other than that I just cleaned and did laundry and such.

 Since my weekend was a big ole heaping pile of boring, here's the motivation to get us all through the week ahead


The great thing about all of these, is that they can apply to any facet of your life that you want them to. Take it in, and are amazing and you can do ANYTHING!

Friday, February 22, 2013

5 PM on a Friday

Birfdizzle and such

I know I've been missing for a couple of days.
Oh the shame!

Who am I kidding?

I've been too busy doing...things
Cool kid things
..Like...Being a cool kid?
Something like that.

Wednesday was mah birfdizzle. What, what?!


Only except not so much.

Instead I stayed home with a (once again) sick munchkin.
She just can't seem to get over this crud.
I think she's better and then BAM, not so much anymore.

So it was just a quiet day at home with her.
Well...I say quiet.
She was cranky and fussy becuase she didn't feel well
So there was that.
But sans that, all was well in the world.

Then there was yesterday.
I was back at work
She was at home with my gma
She  felt better and could've gone to daycare but the weather was gross.
So...she stayed home.

Left work and got to go use these

Hello cookoff.
Hello tent passes that mean free food and free beer
I think I like you.

I think I liked a lot of things about last night.
Buuut, different story for a different time.

Walked around for a bit first.
Saw this BBQ pit

 Yes, it's a pit. I promise.

Had a 4 fucking dollar beer bought for me.
Seriously. $4...for one can of beer.
Talk about bending over and taking one for the team.
Fuck me running sideways.

Walked to the Bull Tent to use our passes
Ate some BBQ
Danced to some music
People watched
Made fun of people.
It was fucking awesome. 
Here's the stuff I ended up with :)

A bandana, a flashing star thing, a bracelet, and a ticket to another tent

I'm one of those people that spends more time actually in the moment than behind a camera which probably makes me a bad blogger


Then my partner in crime for the evening got us tickets into another tent
Sometimes it's good to know people.

More drinking
Met up with my good friend Jack...ya know...Daniels
More dancing
More people watching.

Check out this vest.


Yup...that happened.
Amongst other things.

Getting back to the car was interesting at best.
We raced people we didn't know.
Gave a beer to a homeless man.
 got into screaming matches with strangers
(jokingly of course...and that was more him than me)

It was a great night
Great company
Interesting revelations
I enjoyed myself immensely

Quote of the night
"A drunk mind speaks a sober heart"

I'm on top of the world right now and nothing can bring me down.
Bring it Friday!

Now I'll just leave you with this

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Rodeo Roundup

 It's Rodeo time!!!!!

Opening night is next Monday.
That means that this Friday is Go Texan Day.
And that today is the Rodeo Roundup!

What the hell is this crazy lady talking about?

Well, it's just a bunch of vendors getting together for a good time to get everyone excited about the Rodeo...DUH
We saw things like this

In case you couldn't tell, he's wearing a saddle
Who doesn't love cotton candy and hot dogs?

Yup, the chick fil a cows were line dancing!
Then there were the booths.
They were handing out free stuff
Including free food.

I don't know about you, but free is my favorite price

Got a bunch of stuff from the radio disney tent for the rugrat.
She's going to flip out when we get home tonight.

Stopped by one of the country music radio stations and asked them why they changed their name recently.
My curiosity earned me these

That's right. Admission into their tent at the cookoff.
The day after my birthday!
Hells to the yes!!!
It's going down!

Then we kept meandering and stumbled upon the Cricket Wireless booth
They were giving out these awesome green hats

Well, me being me..I was REALLY excited about these hats
I mean, I even screamed in excitement.
No joke.
But guess what...My awesomeness paid off and landed myself and my friends these

Those are day passes to the rodeo grounds and tickets to a private concert with Jerrod Niemann.
Ummm heck yes!
In case you didn't's this guy.

The Band Perry plays that night too.
Thinking about buying tickets for that and just making a day of it.
 Needless to say, I'm friggin STOKED!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans

 Friday night wasn't much. Just lots of snuggles with the munchkin.
Gotta love it.
She may make me want to rip my hair out at times (or hers), but I love her more than I ever thought possible.
She's stubborn (can't imagine where she got that from), and she likes to push buttons and test her boundaries (can't seem to figure that one out either) 
but when she comes up to me and asks
"mommie, can we snuggle" 
or tells me
"I want a hug and a kiss" melts.
They say there's nothing like a parent's love..and damn is it true.

Saturday I did more hanging out with her.
Watched some Sophia the First and some Ninja Turtles.
(gender role stereotypes are dumb and aren't found in our house)

Sat. night I left her at home with my grandma, took a drive and hung out in a barn for a few hours.
Good food, great people.
I even got to play with a couple of German Shepherds.
Only they were more interested in the food than in me.
Jokes were made, laughs were had, it was great.
Couldn't have asked for a better time.

Sunday...oh Sunday.

Woke up with Saturday still on my mind.
Forced the rugrat to clean her room.
I say forced because I had to threaten to start throwing things away if she didn't get her little ass in there and get busy.

And then it happened.

I went into the one place I should never be allowed in.

I only go there once...MAYBE twice a year.

It's terrible.
It's amazing.
I love it
My bank account hates it.
I should be banned.

I bought myself 8 books 
(2 full series', the last book in a series I've been reading, and a book for my book club)
Bought my mom 5 books
(an entire series)
Bought my brother a box set of 3 books
And I bought the munchkin a giant book of all of Grimm's fairy tales for us to read together.

The lady at the checkout counter looked at me like I had lost my damn mind.

why yes, yes I am
You don't even want to think about what my total was.
Hell, I don't even want to think about what my total was.

My mom and I are going to be trading books too. Sooo, essentially, we both got 3 new series' to read.


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Friday, February 15, 2013

Fitness Friday


Once again, I'm linking us with the great Desirae for fitness Friday.

She's been spreading the word about Congenial Heart Defects this week by sharing her story and stories of other "heart moms" like her to raise awareness. 
You should go check these stories out...just be sure you have a box of Kleenex handy. She's had me crying all week.

Back to fitness

I did that 10 minute video thing that I posted last Friday again on Monday.

I went on an adventure instead of a run on Tuesday. I mean, we still got almost 2 miles in.
Buuuut it wasn't the best of runs. or walks even.

Since I felt that we could've done better, when I got home I decided to make a date with that damn Jillian Micheals. 

I hate her.
I love her.
I want to punch her face in.
She gets results.
Damn her.

I've had nightly dates with her since.
"just a couple more" never really means just a couple more.
"A couple" is 2.
In her world, it apparently means 6-7

I've also been keeping up with Fab Ab February 

I didn't end up trying any of those other pinterest workouts that I posted last Friday since I've been having an affair with Jillian.

I should probably start doing those too.
Sheesh, I just want to sleep.

Happy Friday people!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy hearts, flowers, and bullshit day

Some days I swear I should've been born a man.
Valentines Day is one of those days.

I'm just not a big fan of it. Never have been really.
Except for maybe as a kid when we still had valentines day parties at school and got lots of candy and were able to act an ass and be justified in doing so because we could blame it on the sugar high.
No? Just me? Figures.

I mean, it's ok I guess, I just don't buy into it.
Even when I've been in relationships on Valentines day, I've asked whoever I've been with not to make a big deal out of it.

To me it's just another day.
I actually prefer steak and blow job day.
No fake bullshit, no crazy marketing, no required emotional attachments.
(I told you, I should've been born a man)

Speaking of Steak and Blow Job day...go buy one of these and save it for next month! It's perfect!

Why do women not think of this?
You can thank me later.

Back on topic

I'm sorry but there's nothing romantic about doing something "thoughtful" on a day where it's expected. You want to show me thoughtful, do something on a random Tuesday as a "just because it's Tuesday" sweet gesture.
That's sweet.

Spending too much money on marked up flowers and candy is not.
And it's predictable.

These are def. not predictable...and quite funny actually
Hell, if you are hell bent on doing something for me, do it on the 15th. 
A) it's payday
b) everything is on sale!

Or just wait until March 14th and have mutual steak and blow job day. 
I mean seriously. Steak and sexy times.
Soooo much better than some bullshit ass flowers and chocolates. 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Adventure Time

And no, not this dumb cartoon.


Sorry if you like it, but I'm not a fan.
Actually..I take that back, I'm not really sorry...I just said it 'cuz my momma taught me to be polite.


Words to live by I tell you, words to live by.

Anyways! Back to my adventure

Went running last night with the best friend. And by running I mean brisk walking.
(Such an adventure, I know)
The place where we run has this man made lake/pond type thing and we always run on the sidewalks around it etc. because we're badasses like that.

(or anywhere really)

Once we're near the back of said lake/pond type thing we notice two BIG ass things swimming in the water. 

Well, we're much better adventurers than we are exercisers so of course we knew that we had a mission.

We headed down to the water to get a closer look at what the hell these things could be. The conversation went something like this...not exact quotes and much more condensed..but you get the idea.
(Me in red Best friend in purple)

What is it?
I don't know but it's big! Look at the wake it's leaving behind it.
Aww, look the two are going to meet up and kiss.
It's probably a snake
It looks like an otter
That doesn't make sense. Otter's don't live out here.
Well, it should be an otter
It's not.
It could be a giant rat.
Could be.
I wonder if we can get it to come closer
cue idiotic whistles and talking to this...thing that is now completely 100% still in the water and staring at us.
It's staring at us
Why won't it come closer. I want it to be an otter
Maybe I can get it to come here by throwing this corn at it 
(corn was already on the ground...I don't carry corn in my pocket)
Why won't it come closer?
I don't know but it needs to 
(I don't remember who said that..I think it was both of us)

so we took the fuck off up the hill and away from the giant snake of death.

Then best friend decides that she wants to go do more investigations. I stayed put.
...until she started talking to me.
I couldn't hear her so I went back down.

Turns out the GIANT fucking snake had swam over right by where we had been standing and was swimming up and down the wall
I swear to you, that fucker was pissed that I was trowing corn at it and wanted to eat my face off.

Then we realized that we couldn't see it anymore.

Yup, we took the fuck off again and hauled it back up the hill once more.

We headed to the car and called best friend's dad to see if he knew what type of snake it could've been that would've been that friggin huge and if it could/would swim with only part of it's body on top of the water etc. etc. etc. 

He's convinced that it was a cottonmouth.
Yup, we almost died.
Not really...but holy shit turds

And we decided that we still got our exercise in. I mean, we walked down a hill (twice), did squats, AND uphill sprints.

That counts right?

It was fun! and that's all that matters in my book.