Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Twenty Thirteen say what?!

Holiday hell is now officially over. Let us rejoice!

December made me want to punch people in the face... or breaking things...or anything violent really. Seriously....waaaay too much crap to do.

Bridal Shower, bachelorette party, throw my wallet into a bonfire buy Christmas presents, Christmas/family time -because who doesn't love spending time with people you don't see any other time of the year and having to play nice-, stand in the wedding, New Years.....yup, it's been a busy one.

But I ended it with another 4 day weekend of staying pretty much permadrunk.

Yeah...that looks about right.

My liver needs a break. There was the after Christmas, Christmas Party, the wedding, and then New years eve. Yup, by Tuesday I didn't feel so hot. ...As in, I was a hot mess. H told me at one point "mommie, i have a headache" to which I could only respond, "So do I my love, so do I".

Have I mentioned lately how thankful I am to have my family to help me with her. Now that the crazy clusterfuck that was the month of December is over, I don't plan on doing anything until my birthday.

Went with H and the best friend on Sat. to get our nails done for the wedding. H had her first ever trip to the nail salon. She ate that shit up like honey boo boo and her go go juice. I was never that girly, I don't know what to do with myself.

Nail salon photo dump commences NOW:

It was adorable how into it she was. Also slightly terrifying. I think that I'm going to have to take her periodically.

Then there was the wedding. Setting stuff up was fun. Making the centerpieces, cool. All of that, no problems....then came the actual getting ready. Girlyness overload. I didn't know what to do with myself. I just paced a bit. One side of the room was all makeup and the other side was hair. I don't makeup and I don't hair so I had to have both done for me. I'm not a real girl...I'm a fake girl, just add water.
Actually, on second thought...let's not and say we didn't.

But yeah...they tried to curl my hair. I say tried because my hair likes to trick people into thinking it will hold a curl. It's all nice and pretty then 30 minutes or less later...BAM gone!

Holy crap, CURLS!

30 minutes later...gone
By the end of the night there was absolutely no evidence of any curl. Oh and here are the wings we wore....yup, you read that right....we wore wings. It was an 'enchanted forest' theme so we were all fairies.
Bridesmaid wings

The bride's wings (made by her husband)

That's all for today because my fingers don't feel like typing anymore....besides, this is yet another long ass post.

Happy Wednesday!


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