Thursday, January 31, 2013

It's ok Thursday

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It's ok that:

It took me until almost 8 PM to finally crank out this post.

I'm ready for a bottle glass of wine

My sick kid is driving me bonkers. Seriously, I know she's sick but she's been cooped up in the house all week so every time her fever goes down she's full of energy and is bouncing off the walls. 

I bought a book based solely off of the fact that I liked the author's books as a kid.
Remember the Goosebumbs books by R.L. Stine? Well, now he's written an adult book that I found at Kroger tonight. Impulse buy for the win.

I also bought myself two new bottles of wine.

The wine isle is my favorite part of the store

I'm not including any pictures or gifs tonight because I'm running out of time with my munchkin being sick.

Tis all folks. Off to inhale drink some wine.

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