Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Flipbelt Review

For those of you that don't know Brandi from Thin After Twins had a giveaway earlier this month for a flip belt and yours truly won!

I literally squealed in excitement when I won.

1. It was the first time that I had won a giveaway...probably the first time I've won anything actually
2. I REALLY wanted one.

So, I went THAT day and put in my order for it.

And then I waited.

And waited.

An waited some more.

It seemed like it was about 12 years!!!

Then again, I have no patience and that 12 years was really closer to just over a week.

Then, magically...it was there. Sitting in my mailbox.

I jumped up and down and ripped into that sucker before I could even think about taking pictures to document my excitement.

I had it on before I was even in the house. Nothing to go in it. I just wanted to wear it.

Ummmm hello, I had been waiting for years remember?

We should probably pause here long enough for me to explain what a flip belt is.

It's a belt thing (think cloth tube of sorts) with all of these little pocket openings for you to shove your crap in. Then, once you have your crap in it, you flip the sucker over so that the openings are flat against your body effectively closing them.

My phone is a little big for it with it's case, so I have some trouble getting it in and out of the flipbelt but aside from that it is AMAZING!!!
Flip belt with a closed pocket. You can barely even tell it's there
BAM! Found the pocket! It's one of four.
Anything I put in there stays in place. I'm not brave enough to try not flipping it to where the pockets are on the inside because i have some of the worst luck imaginable and I don't want to lose things.

But yes, all in all this product is epic and I would recommend it to anyone that asks. As a matter of fact, I already have :)


Go buy a flip belt now! They are awesome.

Oh, and yeah, flip belt doesn't even know I exist aside from the fact that I placed an order. They have no idea about this review, all opinions are my own...as always.

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