Friday, January 25, 2013

Introducing Social Media & Head Injuries

Holy shit-turds! Two posts in one day! Is the world coming to an end? Are we sure that the Mayan calendar didn't really end on January 25th?

Ok enough of that. Sooooo. I'm one of those people that just likes to figure shit out as I go and this (not so) little blogging world is no different. I love the fact that I have somewhere where I can word vomit all over the place and I want my little blog to be the best blog that it can be. Granted, look at the writer behind the blog, how great can be really be?

I'm working on some blog related stuff this weekend and hopefully will be bigger and better before too long.

I'm setting up a blog pinterest account. Because pinterest is the shit and I spend more time than is humanly healthy on there. I've set up a blog facebook page. I'm saving for a custom blog design. (Can't wait!!!), drafting some pages (think -about me, etc) aaaannnnddd once all of that is said and done, I plan on sponsoring some peeps.

So! That being said, you should go like the facebook page here 
(no, I don't have a fancy button for it yet, I'm not that tech savvy)

And Pinterest here
(again, not tech savvy...cut me some slack people.)

I've also been told that Twitter is an awesome thing in regards to blogging but I just don't "get it". Twitter confuses the crap out of me. Anyone around here able to make it make sense to me?

On a side note, my rugrat shows more and more of her mother with every passing day.
This morning we were headed into daycare and she (in all her half asleep glory) ran temple first into the side mirror of my car. We got her some ice as soon as we got inside though.

I think it may have scared her more than anything but she cried of course. Lots of kisses and the ice seemed to help and she was able to go to class just fine.

Though she did get pretty pissed about me taking a picture.

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