Friday, December 7, 2012

It's the freakin' weekend!

Ok, so maybe not quite yet...but soon enough right? Right.

We have our Holiday lunch today at work which means our boss takes us out to this fancy schmancy restaurant where we get to enjoy amazing food and wine. Hells to the yes!

Tonight will consist of shopping for bachelorette party stuff. (Zone D here we come!) Then perhaps a glass of vodka with one of my besties.

Tomorrow commences the beginning of the baking madness. Prep has been underway for a while now but tomorrow and Sunday...yup, you might as well just hand me a straight jacket and point me towards a padded room now. By Monday I'm going to be questioning my logic like I do every year after Christmas baking.

Last night I decided, hey tonight seems like the perfect night to lose my mind go Christmas shopping. There were sooo many people, and sooo many children, and sooo many useless things. By the time I was done I think I was slightly delirious. There were only 4 of the bike she wanted left and I almost didn't find those last four. Sheesh...same with the damn easy bake oven. Oh yeah, don't let me forget I noticed this morning that the check out charged me for 2 of those when I only bought one. Now to see if I can manage to throw enough of a fit to get that $40 back. But on the plus side, I've only 3 presents left to buy and two of them can be bought online. I will not go into a store other than a grocery store until after Christmas is over. I am done with that mess. Now I just have to wrap it all....crap.

Wrapping presents at my house



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