Thursday, December 27, 2012

Bachelorette party fun

So I know that I still need to get a Christmas update going but I'm not so sure I want to combine it with the bachelorette party. However, I did manage to stay drunk for the majority of my 4 day weekend.

Saturday was a mad dash to the finish before the party. My best friend was working so I had to run the last minute errands while texting her like crazy. Trip to walmart for the last few things for the gift bags and some stockings and a headband for her. Who doesn't love buying condoms with your 4 year old in tow. Plus I needed tampons. I got a lot of "what is that mommie?" and "what are those for?" from the munchkin.  The checkout lady looked at me like I was some sort of crazy person. I know that the condoms were for the gift bags but so what if I wanted to get some during shark week? At least I would've been safe about it. Spend 20 minutes with my kid alone and you'll suddenly understand the importance of safe sex and birth control.

Then headed to walgreens for the last few colors of nail polish. Each bag had one of these glasses:
So we obviously had a superhero theme. That means that every bag has to have matching nail polish right? right. So everyone got 3 colors of correlating nail polish. :) While Walmart had lots of the what is this questions, Walgreens had a lot of the "can I have this?" "LOOK!!! I love this!" "Can Santa bring me these" type questions.

Then I had to run to my mom's house for a couple of things. H didn't want to leave. She'd rather play with the brother. I had to pry her away kicking and screaming. Ok, so maybe just crying a bit. Same difference right? no? okay.

By the time I got home from all of that I was ready to rip my hair out. H was tired and needed a nap, but instead my other bestie came over with her 3 rugrats and her manchild so that they could get their Christmas presents. I told them to leave the two oldest to play with H so that they could finish their shopping and so that the kids could entertain themselves while I cleaned out and vacuumed my car since I was supposed to be driving.

Kids left and off I went to pick up the best friend from work to haul ass and decorate her house in the hour we had before people were supposed to show up. I finished putting the bags together

 Best Friend wrote everyone's name on the backs of their bags
 Yay stencils :)
Yay stuff!!! (minus the glass and the nail kit thingy)

We threw ribbon onto the ceiling to make it look like an "enchanted forest" circus tent type thing. (Enchanted forest is the wedding theme) so lots of pretty greens and a metric ass ton of glitter. Best friend make the bar area look amazing by draping black ribbon around it and topping it off with a bow. It was gorgeous! Buuuut, we forgot to take pictures....and by the time we got back it had all fallen down.

But we still had this guy to look at :)
(pin the junk on the hunk see that cactus penis? OUCH!)

The bride was running late, we were running late, it was terrible. They made it to the restaurant on time, we did not. I don't know anyone else that can be late to the party that they threw. Sheesh. Dinner was amazing, best friend ended up with a drink that came with a capri sun! Hell yes for feeling like a 5 year old.

Then we went to a karaoke bar where we made fools of ourselves. Lots of drinks were had so there were not so many pictures taken...probably for the best. It's probably best we not discuss the Spice Girls song that we all sang together either. 

The bride was calling all the shots and I was told that I had to sing this.

Thankfully we left before they called me. Phew.

Went back to best friend's house for the slumber party part. Ate pizza rolls, played with paper penises, best friend may or may not have attached the cactus one to her pants to dance around the house'll never know. Popped popcorn, ate candy, and watched about 45 minutes of magic mike before going to bed.

Woke up, had mimosas and fruit for breakfast. Because we're badasses and that's just how we roll...or something like that.

Got a call during mimosa time informing me that a family friend had passed away due to a heart attack....Mimosas were upgraded to screwdrivers. 

Then home to recover before Christmas shenanigans.

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