Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Guess who's back? Back again....

Ok, I need to get back on this whole blogging thing. I know I've been slacking. (I haven't even been doing my homework) I've just been in this crazy weird slump and I've decided that enough is enough I am going to make myself get out of it.

I was under some super uber crazy stress and had been for months. Then, in less than 10 minutes it all went away. BAM! Instant. So I was left in the sort of stupor not really knowing what to do and I've been having to figure out how to function again. When all of the stress hit, I took it in stride and just coped with it because I really didn't have much of a choice. So now it's been kind of strange to not have that burden any more.

I know it's Wednesday and that means weigh-day right? Nope, not today. I was too scared to face that damn scale. I'm a chicken. I know it. I can admit it.  Remember that slump I was just talking about. Yup, it included losing all concept of my goals, not giving a damn, not being able to keep my hand out of the candy bowl, drinking a crap ton of soda, indulging in waaaaay too much booze, zero exercise, and just all around bad behavior for someone that is trying to turn their life around health and fitness wise.. I'm worried that I gained back everything that I've worked so hard to loose. I may work up the courage to weigh-in tomorrow. I may wait until next week. I'm not really sure yet.

Today has started off good. I will keep it that way. I will either do C25K tonight or JM depending on if my grandma is home or not. If she's home, I will run, if I come JM. I will also finish and turn in my paper that was due on  Monday. And I will start my assignments that are due this week.

Have I mentioned that I hate being an 'adult' (and I use that term loosely) sometimes?

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  1. Welcome back! Glad your stress has gone. I will have your glass of wine tonight :)