Monday, October 15, 2012

What a weekend!

Saw some pretty skies on the way home Friday:

Got home and found out that my grandma was going to take H and I out to eat. Sweet! We ended up at a Mexican restaurant. Uh-oh. I ended up having one of these:
and too much of this:

But holy schnikies Batman was it amazing. I ended up regretting it all later when I was too full and a smidgen bit tipsy and didn't get my scheduled C25K in.

Saturday I ended up doing some around the house cleaning and such. Got 30 DS done in the morning and had C25K planned since I had missed Friday's (oops). Well my grandma was having lunch with friends so it was just H and I at home and she had passed out. crap.

So, I laced up and hit the back yard determined to get it in. Started going laps around the backyard but my grass needs to be cut. Plus, in case you've forgotten I'm Queen Klutz. I almost twisted my ankle on three separate occasions before I was even halfway done!! No bueno. But I didn't want to quit. I was determined. So I took myself inside and finished up by running/walking laps around my house. I felt like an idiot but I got it done and that's what matters.

Then I went with my best friend to see this aca-awesome movie:
It was seriously amazing!!! Everyone needs to see it. I'm probably going to see it again with another friend.

We ate waaay too much popcorn. Oh yeah, I had popcorn for dinner. Real nutritious huh. Between the two of us we ate 3/4 of a medium bag of popcorn and were both miserable. Now I don't know if it's just because we ate too much or if the popcorn or butter wasn't good because we both ended up seeing our popcorn again before the night was over. But I won't disgust ya'll with those details.

Sunday H went to a bday party with her dad since it was during his visitation time. I did laundry, went to the store, and  cooked an AWESOME dinner.

That's a turkey burger patty made with one of the Kraft Fresh Takes (sorry, I already forgot which one), roasted carrots and squash, and a spinach salad with a balsamic vinaigrette.

Then I tried to do my scheduled C25k. Yes, you read that right, tried. I had to stop halfway through which sucked. I don't think trying to do it two days in a row is in the cards for me right now. I'm still trying to figure this whole running thing out. My right calf started to hurt. I'm not talking sore hurt either, it still friggin hurts. I even iced it afterwards. I'm giving myself tonight off and will do it tomorrow and then every other day from that point forward. I'm also counting down the days until this momma can get a new pair of running shoes.

Hope everyone has a fantastic Monday!


  1. I have such a weakness for Mexican food. Yum!! My girlfriends and I went to Pitch Perfect on opening night, and LOVED it! I already want to see it again!

    And girl, I trained for a half and still can't run back-to-back days. I don't know how people do it. My 2nd day run always sucks ass.

  2. Oh - the margarita looks amazing. Great! Now I am craving one :). How many days til new shoes? Just picked mine up. Big love. Take the running slow. It will come.

    1. Shoes will be bought this weekend. As in Saturday. As in just over 48 hours away. Color me excited!