Wednesday, October 3, 2012

New goals

Since I've had a set back exercise wise I've decided to reassess my goals. I also realized that my leave of absence in school is over this month and classes start up again for me on the 23rd!

  • Be down (at least) 30 pounds from start weight by end of the year
  • Let myself heal properly for once in my life
  • Complete 30 DS and Ripped in 30 back to back (once healed)
  • Turn in all assignments ON TIME (and yes, this is a problem for me, why do it today when there's always tomorrow)
  • No excuses
  • No sweets for all of October. (yeah yeah, I know...cart me off to the looney bin. No sweets in October. Halloween?! and no sweets?! I think I may have lost my mind. Let's work on that self control)
  • Meet my end of the year budget goals
  • Cut my coffee intake back and try to have it eliminated (or at least to an occasional cup) by the end of the year
  • Not send myself into a sugar coma at the end of the month
  • Not be so hard on myself
  • Complete the 30 in 30
  • Don't overindulge at holiday meals
  • Don't eat the Christmas cookies/candy!!!!! (at least not all of them)
My mom and I bake; it's what we do. And come Christmas time kitchens get transformed into bakeries. We've talked about it and it looks like we will be baking this year and I'm super excited! That being said, that last goal may be harder than it seems.

Here's a picture of some of my creations.

Yes, those are cupcakes. Yes, they look like mums. And yes, they were amazing. You can almost see two of the banana split cupcakes in the bottom right corner.

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