Monday, October 29, 2012


Is it seriously already Monday? Why oh why can't the weekend just go on forever? Why can't I just get paid for waking up? Come on now, I'd be rich! I'd even take naps so that I could wake up more often. That would be the bees knees!

Weekend recap perhaps?

Friday I took the day off and went to H's costume parade. You know this already. I also cleaned my house like a crazy lady. Seriously. Insert OCD. Also got a smidgen of homework done. Woot.

Saturday I went and cleaned my mom's master bathroom. I almost killed myself broke several bones in the process of cleaning her gigantic whirlpool jacuzzi tub thing. It has this big, raised, window seat type thing along the back of the tub that I had to clean too. So my clumsy ass had to climb up there to be able to even reach it. I get up there just fine and sit on it while I'm cleaning it (it goes the full length of the tub. Sorry, I fail and didn't get a picture.). All is well in the world until I realize I have to get down. So I do what any self respecting klutz woman does. Called for my mommie. She laughed at me because there I was, standing on the back of her tub asking her how I was supposed to get down without killing myself. So she holds out her hand to help me down.....Have I mentioned that I'm a klutz? Even with her help I still almost ate shit. My foot hit a wet spot and down I was going. Had she not been there, I would've been in the ER.

Oh, and I had to run the jets with bleach water to get to the hard to reach places. This was the end result:

Oh NO!!!! We've hit the bubble-burg! Abandon ship!!!

Yeah, I'm cool like that. I also used this pinterest pin to work on the soap scum in her stand up shower. (Again, I fail, no pictures). Mix equal parts (heated up) vinegar and blue dawn in a spray bottle, spray, scrub, scum be gone. I determined that the key factor here is that the vinegar needs to be hot for this to work so I would suggest only mixing small portions at a time. Also, next time I try it, I'm going to try less soap.

Also, I had a good day self image wise. I actually felt like I was losing weight for the first time. I know I see the numbers, but I felt like I could actually see/feel it for myself and felt really good about what I'm doing for the first time. So I took a picture

Drank a really awesome coffee beer.

Agreed to puppy-sit this adorable little bugger:

Then carved these (I'll have better pictures up on Wednesday):
 silly puppy got in the way

 I have a serious post coming up tomorrow about what October means to me. I know the month is almost over, but it took me a while to write.

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