Thursday, October 11, 2012

Is it Friday yet?

I am sooo ready for this week to be over already! And I get the joys of working late tonight..woo hoo right... Not so much.

Anyways, sooo I weighed myself again this morning. Yes I am a scale whore and I probably need help. They should have scale whore anonymous. I'm down another .4 pounds from yesterday which doesn't seem like a big deal right? WRONG! That puts me at the 10 pound mark which was my first mini goal! It's not an official number yet though because despite the fact that I weigh myself daily, I only count my Wednesday weigh-ins like a good girl. Regardless, that made me crazy happy this morning.

Since Monday's C25k walk/jog type thing was such a huge failure, I re-did W1D1 yesterday and did much better. I completed it plus did two extra reps before calling it quits. I did the extra because though I was fine as far as the endurance part was concerned, I kept having to cut the jogging parts short by about 10 seconds because my legs were freaking KILLING me. I'm wearing a year old pair of $40 nikes and I think a lot of my problems stems from them. I paid a lot of attention to the pain, where it hurt, and how my feet fell when I took each step. Both legs hurt in different places and it was very centralized. The right leg was the bottom part of the inside of my calf while the left leg was the upper part of the back of my calf. Strange right? At least I thought it was. So once I figured that out I started paying attention to the way I walk. It turns out when I walk, I walk on the outsides of my feet.

Looks like I'll be taking a trip to the running store soon. Looking at going either to Luke's Locker or Fleet Feet. Any recommendations?

Found this and loved it! thought I would share:

In other news: I think I may have fallen in love this morning....with my coffee. I felt like a zombie this so I made a Starbucks run. But I'm too broke for the $4 and $5+ lattes they have so I just got a bold coffee (their Komodo blend) with a smidgen of toffee syrup. No cream, no extra sugar, just the toffee and I was in heaven! .Oh, and did I mention it was less than $2!

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  1. Fleet Feet for sure :). Good to know on the coffee!!