Friday, October 26, 2012


I took the day off of work today so that I could make it to H's costume parade at her daycare today. I saw a chance for a 3 day weekend and I jumped on it!

Those kids were too friggin cute! I saw a Mario and Luigi pair, lots of batmen and batgirls, a few strawberry shortcakes, tinkerbells, and the infants and really young toddlers were sooooooo adorable!!! I took pictures of random children that I've never met but they were so cute, how could I not?!

Here's H. I'll be good and not post pictures of other people's children even though they are so cute it would crash the internet.

Her teacher even dressed up!

I've been working on a serious post for the better part of the month and I'm hoping to have it up before the month is over. Keep an eye out.

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