Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Commit for Life

Donating blood is something that I do and something that i try to get anyone and everyone I know to do. People don't realize how important it is to donate blood and to do it quarterly. I have made the commitment and I intend to keep it. I try to do the Double red cell donation every time I donate it just depends on my hematocrit levels. It's kind of a 'more bang for your buck' type thing.

Me sporting my Commit for life Tee before my attempted run last night

I am O- which is the universal blood type. That means that anyone that needs it can accept my blood. However, did you know that as a person with an O- blood type, should anything happen to me, I can only receive O- blood. Another fact, less than 8% of the population is O-.

AB- is an even rarer blood type; less than 1% have this blood type. However they have more options when it comes to both receiving and donating blood.  O- and AB- are the most sought after blood types when it comes to blood donations due to how rare they are and how many uses they have.

O+ is the most common blood type followed by A+.

Me hooked up to the apheresis machine doing my double red cell donation today!

Another plus to donating is I can sign in online and monitor my cholesterol, blood pressure, and a few other things after every donation. It's a good way to keep an eye on your health.

A few extra facts from www.americasblood.org

  1. 4.5 million Americans will a need blood transfusion each year.
  2. 43,000 pints: amount of donated blood used each day in the U.S. and Canada.
  3. Someone needs blood every two seconds.
  4. About 1 in 7 people entering a hospital need blood.
  5. One pint of blood can save up to three lives.
  6. Children being treated for cancer, premature infants and children having heart surgery need blood and platelets from donors of all types, especially type O.
  7. A patient could be forced to pass up a lifesaving organ, if compatible blood is not available to support the transplant
  8. 17 percent of non-donors cite "never thought about it" as the main reason for not giving, while 15 percent say they're too busy.
  9. The #1 reason blood donors say they give is because they "want to help others."
  10.  Blood centers often run short of types O and B red blood cells
I challenge all of you to go out there and donate. You can make the difference. You can save someone's life. If I can commit, so can you!

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