Friday, October 12, 2012

Because we all know that children can't lie.....

Can we all have a moment of silence for the awesomeness that is Friday?

Nah, I'd rather scream it to the world and dance around like the fool that I am. **Happy Friday Dance**

ANYWAYS! Children. We love them right? Most of the time anyways. I kid, I kid, I love H. She's awesome. When she's not driving me bat shit crazy.

Lately I've been working with H on the concept of truth vs. lies. It's been going pretty well and she understands the concept the problem is, she thinks she's slick. She's always thought that just because she's cute she should be able to get away with EVERYTHING. Last night was no exception. I picked her up from daycare and on the way home the following conversation ensues:

"I don't like [my school] anymore."
"Well, why not baby?"
"It doesn't make me happy"
Mommie mode kicks into high gear and I start thinking of who I need to ream for each situation that could possibly come out of her mouth
"Why not?"
"Because. My teachers always put me in time out."  
I should've known
"Did you go to time out today?"
I glace in my rearview mirror and shes looking down at the seat next to her
"Are you sure?"
"Is that a truth or a lie?"
"It's a truth mommie!!!" 
She's so full of shit, it's coming out of her ears
"So if I call your teacher will she tell me that you went to time out?"
"Ok, so I can call her then?"
"Why not?
"Because I was in time out"  

So we go through why she was in time out (Not listening ...big surprise there, NOT)  and then why she lied. We talked again about listening and about the importance of telling the truth no matter what etc.

Let me just take a moment to say that I am NOT looking forward to her teenage years. She is way to much like me plus she's got enough of her daddy in her that the prospect of a teenage H scares the crap out of me.

But how can you not love that face?

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  1. Ha! We are at that same stage. K thinks he can lie, then say "Bazinga!" which makes it more like a "joke", except it's not. DRIVING ME INSANE!