Monday, September 24, 2012

Tailbones and Trampolines?

This weekend was hell fun. Picked H up from daycare Friday and ran into one of my favorite people ever, Amy, who was just so happening to pick up her kids at the same time. She has a 6 year old, a 3 year old and a 10 month old, all of which I love dearly and want to strangle steal from time to time. Anyways, they followed me to my house to hang out for an hour(ish). The kids were playing, I was playing with her baby, all was well.
As I walk down the house I notice that they are playing with her Ariel vanity thing that Santa brought her for Christmas last year. It looks like this:
Now they play with this toy all the time, no biggie...only what caught my attention is you see that little purple shell was full of water. I tell them to go dump it out and down the hall they go fighting the whole way to the bathroom about who should be carrying it. So they make the exchange and as H gets it, some inevitably spills on the *tile* floor. I tell her to clean it up, she doesn't. Amy and her kids leave, and I realize that after over 100 oz of water in one day, it's time to use the restroom again for the 875th time that day. I notice on the way in that the water is still on the floor and make a mental note to clean it up as soon as I'm done.

Mid stream, here comes H running flying down the hall to show me something. (because in case you didn't know, once you have kids, peeing by yourself becomes obsolete) "H STOP RUNNI-------" down she goes. It was like a scene from a movie and it seemed like it was in slow motion, she was smiling and laughing and excited one second, and the next she looked instantly terrified as her foot slipped out from under her straight up into the air and she ate it. I got her calmed down and sent her on her way with a warning to "be CAREFUL".

Have I mentioned yet that I am one of the clumsiest people in Texas?

I *carefully* go to get a towel to wipe up the water and what happens. BAM! I went down like a sack of potatoes. It doesn't matter that I was trying to strategically place my foot with each step, I'm an accident waiting to happen. I landed straight on my tailbone and holy shit-turds, it HURT! Well, so much for day 9 of 30 DS. I even tried doing a jumping jack later to see if I might be able to pull it off. HA! What was I thinking?!

So I'm pretty sure that I either fractured (think hairline fracture) my tailbone or just severely bruised it because it still freakin' hurts to move. So you would think after that, I would have a pretty relaxing weekend just trying to heal right? Not this girl.

Saturday morning rolls around and I find myself at Amy's house and the girls play dress up

Then H and I go home to take a nap before I have to go to my mom's to get my brother. My mom and step dad decided to take a (rare) opportunity and go to the casino in Lake Charles, so the little man is mine for the rest of the day and until they get back in on Sunday. It's pretty uneventful, the kids are both good kids (when they want to be). They watched a movie, colored, played computer games, and played real games. I took them to play on the play place at BK, we went back to my house, they played and bed. All in all it wasn't too bad, just a lot of really painful moving.

Kid's playing Pop the Pig

H comes in my room Sunday morning to announce that "It's a sunny day mommie" to get me up and fix her some breakfast. How that child eats immediately after waking up floors me. And she's ALWAYS hungry. The little brother wakes up about an hour later. I had to take these kids somewhere, i just wasn't sure where. All of the bounce house places were booked for parties, A Bunch of Fun's number wasn't in service, etc. Just as I was about to resign to taking them to another play place my mom called and reminded me of Jump Sky High. 

This place is the shiznit! We should probably have a small moment of silence for the awesomeness that is this place. It's full of trampolines...everywhere you look, trampolines. A giant one for kids to just go nuts, a smaller one for little kids to go nuts, a dodgeball pit (on trampolines), a foam pit where they can jump off of the trampoline into the pit....trampolines EVERYWHERE!!! Oh, and as if it wasn't cool enough as it is, all of the walls in these trampoline enclosure things are also trampolines! So if a kid flies into a wall, it's just another trampoline and throws them back in. There were even some older kids there for what looked like cheerleading practice working on their form for jumps and flips and such.  Had it not been for my tailbone, I would've been out there too jumping around like a the crazy person that I am. Instead, I chased these kids around all while silently pleading someone to sever me at the waist so I wouldn't have to feel my tailbone. Why couldn't one of those cheer mother's have brought a katana? Seriously? Who leaves those at home anymore anyways?

Despite it hurting like nobody's business, the kids had a blast and were completely worn out by the time it was all said and done.  I would say that is was a win for the day. 

See how awesome this place is!!

On another note, H started her new daycare/private Pre-K this morning! 

In her new uniform :) She's not a morning person

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