Friday, September 28, 2012

Now that just doesn't make sense

Que my inner voice saying "well honey, life just doesn't make sense". Yeah, yeah...I know.

But there are some things out there that truly baffle me. The one that's been on my mind the most lately is my office building's choice of remodeling the second floor smoking deck. Not that I smoke, I just pass it frequently when going to the ATM or crossing the skybridge to go into the shops or what have you. Don't get me wrong, so far it looks really nice. They're trying to do this whole put plants EVERYWHERE thing. we have several new indoor planters and the smoking deck is now covered in greenery...even trees.

Wait. Pause. Rewind.....Yeah, you read that right, trees...on the second floor, as in above street level. Here, see for yourself.
Those windows you see, those are in the parking garage. Oh, and you see the car driving on the street underneath it all?

Who in their right mind puts trees, in the fall, above ground and above a parking garage. Trees grow roots people! Roots that can destroy the foundation of homes! You think those trees are going to be able to last long up there? I guess they'll probably remodel again before it gets to that point, they have the money to, it just doesn't make sense to me. I get it, you want greenery, cool. Add some plants, shrubs, whatever, but trees?!

In other news, H's Culture Day parade and party are today and I can't be there. I'm hella bummed about it too. :(

Saw an increase on the scale this week. Haven't been working out since my tailbone injury and had a couple of bad terrible meals.Tried doing the shred again a couple of days ago thinking that I was up to it...ha, yeah right. So I'm letting my tailbone rest until the 1st when I'm joining the 30 days of being jillian's biotch challenge with fit camp! It just sucks that I have to start the shred over again.

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