Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Conversations with myself

Working towards my goals in regards to my weight loss/lifestyle change have made me feel like a bit of a but job from time to time. I catch myself having conversations with myself playing both good cop and bad cop all at once.

I really want that amazing barbeque baked potato from Ottos for lunch.
No, you've done good this far, don't give it up for one meal.
But this is a lifestyle change, I have to allow some things some times.
Yeah but not a fully loaded all of your calories for the day in one sitting bbq baked potato.
I can only eat half. Portion control right?
I know myself better than that.
You can try though.
Yeah, but is it worth possibly gaining weight back?
No, but I can work out really hard and work it off.
That's not the way that works.
I know, but it's soo good
I can't do that to myself
But your mouth will thank you, it will have a mouth-gasam
But my stomach wont thank me, it will want to hang itself with my small intestine
It's ok though, it wont last long.
No! No it's not ok!

Am I the only crazy one out there that debates with themselves on the things that they know they should or shouldn't do? I can't be.

Here's to making good choices even when it's hard and even when it makes you feel like a crazy person.

Oh, and by the way, I did not get that potato...though I really wanted it.

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