Friday, September 21, 2012

An introduction of sorts

Well, looks like the ladies over in Fit Camp finally got to me! So here I am jumping on the blogging bandwagon. I’ve considered it for a while but have found one reason or another not to. It pretty much all boils down to not wanting to be accountable for myself in several aspects of my life. Well phooey on that! 

I decided to start this for a couple of reasons, obviously to stay accountable, to document my weight loss journey as well as my life in general, and mostly because it looks like one whole helluva lot of fun. 

I’ll start with the basics, I live in Houston, Texas and love it here despite the heat. Ok, so maybe that’s a smidgen bit of a fib. The triple digit heat can SUCK IT! I love Texas but am ready to be out of Houston. Just tired of the big city I guess. I mean, 4th largest city in the country...yeah, it's huge, but I wouldn’t want to live anywhere other than Texas. I, like many others will proudly claim that I’m a Texan before saying that I’m an American. That's just how we roll here. We love our state.

The key players that will probably be referenced throughout:

My shithead awesome 4 year old little girl who will be referred to as H. She’s the cutest kid you’ll never meet. True story. She’s waaaay too smart for her own good and likes to think that she runs the house. HA! It went over real well when she tried to tell me that SHE was the boss…NOT.  But I love her dearly. She also likes to think that since she's cute she can get away with anything. Like coloring on the back of her bedroom door. Or putting stickers, and not just one or two, I'm talking a metric ass ton of them, on the inside of her closet door thinking I wont notice them. She drives me crazy. But I love her. She makes my world go ‘round..and 'round...and 'round until I feel like I'm lost in the whirlwind that is my daughter and have to fight the urge to snatch her bald. 

But seriously, I love her and wouldn't change her for anything. The problem is she's just WAAAAY to much like me. 

My grandmother (we call her granny) lives with H and I or we live with her, call it how you see it. Have any of you seen the show Everybody Loves Raymond? You wanna know about Granny, watch that show. She is the real life version of Marie, I kid you not. 

Then there is my brother….wait for it… 5 year old brother (will be 6 in November). And yes, he is my only sibling. Don’t ask me what my mother was thinking because to be quite honest with you, I couldn’t tell you. Ok, I probably could…she got remarried. Anyways, my brother; he’s a pretty freakin’ awesome kid too. I love him like he’s my own. That kid is crazy though! I'm talking walks on the ceiling crazy. He is all boy, all the time and he makes the energizer bunny look like a wimp. I don’t know how my mother manages to keep her sanity…wait, scratch that, she’s MY mother, what is this sanity we’re talking about again? I think I lost mine over off of 610 a few years ago. If I was anything like my brother when I was a kid (which I was) I feel sorry for her and I know how much hell I'm in for with my rugrat.

That’s it for now. Welcome to the whirlwind that is my life. I’ll get into the nitty gritty of the whole weight loss thing next, so stay tuned!

For your viewing pleasure:

H pretending she's in jail

Funny faces are our specialty

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  1. My husband has several nieces and nephews older than him. Makes for some weird family lol.